Gas Manifold With Medical Control Panel

We offer Gas Manifold with Medical Control Panels. These are accessible with excellent quality materials. Supplied are the battery operated controlled devices, which provide an alarm for the regulation of gas. The said panels can be simply operated in an automatic way. Gas Manifold with Medical Control Panels are used in many industries such as cement, steel and sugar. The panels are used with high efficiency as well as utility. Commonly, these are suited for supplying the nitrous oxide, oxygen and entonox. Also suite dot store oxygen, these must be kept in a separate building.

Gas Manifold

Made of brass, offered Gas Manifold is meant for controlling flow of medical gases. Weight of this product ranges between 200 gram to 400 gram. Working temperature of this product ranges between -20 degree C to 120 degree C. This accessory has been produced from 16/14 gauge pipe. This Gas Manifold can withstand <10 bar of operating pressure. Quality of this product has been verified on the basis of its diameter, longevity, leakage resistance capacity and dimension. We offer this manifold at reasonable price. 


  • Manifold start form 2+2 to 16+16
  • 16/14gauge Pipe 

Heavy Duty Regulator

Heavy Duty Regulator

Heavy Duty Regulator Used for Control panel & Manifold

Pressure Capacity 0 to 16kg. 

Automatic Oxygen Control Panel

Made of aluminum alloy or steel or nickel plated brass, offered Automatic Oxygen Control Panel is accessible in diaphragm based structure. This control panel is used for controlling flow of gases used for medical purpose. It can endure 500 to 3000 psi operating pressure. Threading design of its inlet and outlet conform to NPT norms. Operating temperature of this Automatic Oxygen Control Panel ranged between -10degree C to 74 degree C. This panel weighs around 0.9 kg. It is equipped with spring, valve seat, strainer etc.

Medical Control Panel

Medical Control Panel

Same Automatic Control Panel 10+10 Cylinder Capacity Our advance range is manufactured using high grade components that ensures its compliance with set industrial parameters.


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