Medical Gauge

The Medical Gauges are used to measure different things. These have suture wires as well as catheters. These are also used in making of nonmedical equipment. Offered medical grade products are useful for cleansing, packing, covering, securing and scrubbing different types of wounds. Medical Gauges, manufactured and supplied by us allow for greater protection and have improved absorbency. The said solutions are appreciable for their improved functionality and high utility. Their highly accuracy is appreciable on many grounds. Offered medical devices are compatible with many machines, used in hospitals. The close monitoring offered by them is quite appreciable. 


Provided medical Gauges are used for liquid and gaseous media that do not block connection port or do not cause corrosion to copper alloy based product. Dimension of these instruments ranges between 1.5 inch to 4 inch. Stainless steel case of these medical Gauges is completely wear and corrosion proof. Error free operation, long working life, accurate dimension, user friendly mechanism, semi copper alloy based movement, copper alloy fabricated wetted parts, breakage proof window glass and reasonable price are the main aspects of these instruments.


1. 0-250/0-16kg. 2" Gauge

2.  0-250kg. 2.5" Gauge for M/C.

3.  0-250kg. 2.5" Gauge for M/C. Bracket Type

4. 0-10kg. 4" Testing Gauge

Electrical Contact Gauge

If you need an electrical contact gauge for the control panel for your business, then contact us now with your specifications and requirements. The gauge is ideal for measuring and controlling the line pressure as well as temperature. This is done via the on and off electrical equipment that ensures complete elimination of the requirement of the separate switches. A few applications of this electrical contact gauge for the control panel include controlling and regulating various industrial processes apart from monitoring the plants.


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